Tuesday, October 28, 2014


This week was sweet.  There is a kid from Mapleton in our zone.  I can't remember his name right now but he says he knows our cousin Bryn.  Small world.

It has literally rained so hard this week it is unreal. I lost my umbrella or someone stole it so Elder Persson and I had to share his.  He is like 5' 5" so I had to bend way down to use his and I feel like my neck is broken now.  On Wednesday we were walking around and it just started pouring.  We were only outside 5 minutes and I was completely soaked because I left my rain coat in the apartment. Ooops!  We were knocking doors and this lady answered and just started laughing when she saw how wet I was.  She said how can I not take one of those books from you boys, you are so funny.
Saturday was park the car day so we literally walked everywhere so we can talk to more people.  We  were walking and it was raining so hard that my shoes are still wet today.  I jumped in the shower for 10 minutes with all my clothes on that's how wet I was.  We have seen so many miracles and we talked to some of the sweetest people. Unfortunately every single person we find lives in another missionaries area so I guess we are finding contacts for them.  I'm convinced that nobody lives in Coquitlam!
We did find a lady a few weeks ago at the sky train station.  I've been talking to her a lot and she is super cool.  I said could we come teach you and she said yes but I live in Vancouver so we gave her information to the sister missionaries in Vancouver.  We hadn't heard how things were going, but the sisters called us on Friday and said that girl is super solid and wants to get baptized.  She will be baptized in a couple of weeks.  What a miracle!!
On Saturday we went and helped Dan and Carol (new investigators) clean their house.  They are super funny they invite us over to help them and they end up sitting and watching us work.  We just laugh, it's all good.
We've been working and working with Brother Blanks but he can't quit smoking.  We have tried everything.  He called us on Saturday and said I can't come to church on Sunday for some crazy reason.  After church we stopped by to visit him and he said I should have come to church I feel so bad, why didn't I go.  We love Brother Blanks we just wish he could stop smoking.
We have been running every morning at the track by our house, now I'm sore I can hardly move.  I'm so out of shape.  We are headed out to play basketball with everyone!
Elder Nielsen

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