Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Salmon Arm - for at least one more Transfer

I didn't get transferred. I'm still in Salmon Arm with the same Elder.  Elder Fitzner, well I guess Aaron now and his sisters, came and visited me him on Thursday.  They are touring the mission and going and visiting all his old places and showing his family so he stopped by and chatted for a little while! He's a pimp! He said he went to president Tilleman's home coming thing and they all went swimming,  he was like it was so awkward seeing sisters in swim suits.

We stopped eating fast food except for on p-days so we aren't huge. We only are going to eat fruit, veggies, chicken and salmon. We go to the church every morning to exercise, we play bad mitten because my comp is uncoordinated so I play with my left hand but he has no idea.  I win every time and like try to let him win but can't.  I think he has beat me once in like 40 games, but he loves it cause he thinks he is getting a tiny bit better so whatever.

Nothing really happened this week just a lot of rain we went to that little family we are teaching..bro Poitrie always takes us out there to visit them, but they still won't quit coffee.  But they really want to be baptized. Arlene (the lady we baptized) she cry's every sacrament meeting and at every class at church and we take her videos on a USB to watch and she cry's every time.  She is more into the church then every member, she said I  have never been so happy in my entire life. We went to the ward party on Saturday night played soccer it was so weird going to a ward party, I think that was the first ward party I have ever been to in my entire life. Not a lot has happened this week. I'm going to be in Salmon Arm for 6 months that's a long time.
I made a sweet planner cover it is President Tilleman when he was on the Canadian Olympic basketball team, then I put President Burt's head on Michael Jordan's body... it is dope I will send you a picture.

Brother Mouritsen the dude that baptized Arlene loves the crap out of me.  He always say I will take you out and go tracking... I love teaching people and we can have someone sit with your companion while he is sick then we can go out all day teaching.  He is funny...he is 87 years old and wants to come tracking its ballin he always sits and talks to me for like 20 minutes before church starts when we are just waiting he comes and sits and talks and talks he is moving to Utah, Idaho, or California so I might not see him again. I told him to stop by and visit my family in Spanish Fork, he said maybe.

There is this other member in the ward his name is Brother Gawley he is 30 and is just huge, he is so ripped he works up north and he wants me to be 200 pounds before I go back home. He is always cooking us up this huge meals so I will gain weight and he wants me to come stay with him when I get back from my mission.... he is like a kid he's such a baller.

Troy and Leonard got mad at us the other day and said we can't go back to there house until September 1st.  We told them his ex-wife can't live with them if she wants to be baptized because she goes and stays with them every weekend and Leonard flipped.  He said we have to many rules so we can only see them on Sunday's at church.

I can't wait to talk to you today hope you had a good week.

LOVE elder NIELSEN :) 

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