Thursday, March 5, 2015

Helen Hall's Baptism


This week was literally nuts it was so good.  It was honestly probably the best week of my entire mission.  My new companion (Elder Barker from Las Vegas) is such a pimp, he's so cool.  We really don't have anything in common, but we get along really well.
We had Helen's baptism date all set for February 28th.  We were laying there one night getting ready for bed and the lady who schedules the building calls and starts flipping out on me. She said you missionaries think you know everything and don't have to coordinate anything with anyone and on and on.  After about 10 minutes I said we could just move the baptism to March 1st if you want.  She said oh okay and was really embarrassed.  It was so of funny!!

We had Helen's baptism on March 1st.  She is so cool and solid you guys would love her.  I certainly do.  She can't wait to go to the temple.  That will be so great, but she has to wait a year before she can go.  There were so many people at her baptism, it had to be a record.  Her son Josh baptized her and she cried through the whole baptism because she loves the church so much.  I got to be a witness.
We went on exchanges with the Zone leaders.  I went with Elder Mahabeer, he is my little black friend and he is so funny.  They have this "how to teaching points" guide and there are ten of them and they are super awkward.  We met this guy was so not interested and kept saying no one knows the truth and wouldn't stop talking.  When he did stop talking Elder Mahabeer would throw out one of the ten teaching points.  It was such a mess, but kind of funny to.  I finally said we're done here.
Helen's daughter who doesn't care about anything and hated us told me the other day she wants to be taught the gospel.  It was super cool.  She is pregnant and is always mad,  but we like mad pregnant women that wanna learn about the church. :)
Love you all :)
Elder Morgan Leo Nielsen:):):)

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