Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I found out this morning I'm getting transferred.  I'm headed to Coquitlam which is in the lower mainland of British Columbia and the six largest city.  It is roughly the size of Provo or Orem (150,000 people).  Because of the Pacific ocean and mountains the annual average precipitation is..... 77 inches.  Yes that's right 77 inches which is about 6 times what you get in Utah.  Luckily since it is close to the coast most of that is in the form of rain.  I also found out I'm going to be a District leader.  I'm not sure I am ready for that. :-|

I love Salmon Arm and I will miss everything about this place.  

We visited Troy and Leonard and they always have funny stories for us.  They were telling us their pigs have gained 100 pounds in a week.  I said they don't look any bigger to me and Troy said come on Elder Nielsen can't you tell they've gained weight.  I said no not really.  Those two guys are funny and I'm going to miss them.

Brother Mourtisen is the guy that had the heart attack.  I guess when he was in the ambulance going to Kelowna he was teaching all the doctors and nurses about the Restoration.  He said I about had them, they were all super interested and I got a few of their addresses and phone numbers for you guys.  I said wow Brother Mourtisen that is more missionary work than the rest of the members in the ward have done since we've been here.  He's a great man!

I guess next time I talk to you I will be in Coquitlam.  I love you all have a great week.  Thanks for all your support.

Elder Morgan Nielsen

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